Substance Abuse Awareness

Shekinah Foundation Trust exists to bring awareness of the problems of substance abuse in society. The work is not particularly dealing with the "down and out", "bergies", "hobo's" or whatever you might call such people in your particular area. There are many good organizations and community groups dealing with the abuse of substances within these groups. Our awareness and teaching programmes and initiatives are geared towards the individual still in a family unit and/or workplace. The extent of alcohol and drug abuse is ever increasing across all spectrum of society. It just depends on the wealth, or lack of it, that determines what substances are being abused.

Our organisation's work is two fold:
  • Awareness Programmes and
  • Care for the afflicted; those directly involved with substance abuse, as well as those who are affected by the abuser's dependence.
We conduct teachings and seminars, which we will adapt to meet your own particular needs. Be it a once off general awareness teaching, an area specific talk on the problem relating to that area geographically, or a multi-session seminar spread over a weekend, or on a set day spread over a period of a few weeks. We can tailor-make a programme depending on your emphasis, needs and time constraints.
Shekinah Foundation Trust is a registered NPO trust - trust registration number 7719/1993.



Since the Trustees closed the live-in rehabilitation center in 2014 there has been continuous ongoing inquiry as to the need for care – HENCE : the plan was approved to convert the entire rehabilitation program to the internet. This is a full all inclusive one stop program that is holistic and ministers to the Spiritual, […]

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