35 Years Ministry Celebration

Persistent overcast and drizzly weather did not dampen the spirits of an enthusiastic gathering of people at the Care Centre in New Hanover on the morning of the 11th November 2011 to give thanks for 35 years of ministry service.
Willie Nelson, who was Chairman of the Ministry Board at the time, opened the meeting welcoming all who braved the elements to attend this occasion. Then all warmed up as Marc McKinley and Steve Rothquel of City Hill Church Hillcrest led a time of thanksgiving in praise and song. Even the weather cleared as a chorus of worship gave glory to the Lord for all He had done through the work of Shekinah.
Three individual testimonies were shared of life changing experience whilst they were under the ministry of Shekinah. God had brought about change, and each shared how they had found purpose for life through the grace and mercy and love of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Appropriate at this time, Mike Harty, then prayed a thanksgiving prayer for the bountiful blessing of the Lord, and for the work of grace God has done in so many lives.
Peter Russell-Boulton (who has been involved in this ministry from its inception) then spoke a little about the history of the ministry, and led the love offering. Steve Rothquel had the gathering “bouncing” during the offering with a fast paced, crowd participating rap song he had written.
Pipers and a drummer then marched into the meeting playing Shekinah’s adopted theme song – Amazing Grace. Steve and Marc led the singing of this well-loved hymn, and as the strains of the bagpipes faded, there were not too many dry eyes in the congregation.
Angus Buchan, from Shalom Ministries just some way up the road, and of “Faith like Potatoes” and the Mighty Men’s Conferences renown, took the stage. Angus down to earth uncompromising word, as given by the Holy Spirit, was a challenge to many, an encouragement to all, and a number of first time commitments to serve Jesus were made.
The meeting was closed by Grant Nelson, and then refreshments and Christian interaction was enjoyed by all. Angus stayed to speak and pray for individuals as they had need, whilst the staff at Shekinah led a number of folk on tour of the Centre and the property.
Without the obedience of one man, founder Roly Snell and his devotion to serving the Lord in bringing this work into maturity, and the work of the Holy Spirit through the staff and leaders who have served in this work, it would never have reached this milestone! Countless lives changed for the better. Through the ministry, new and glorious eternal destinations found for many. A momentous occasion indeed, and all GLORY TO GOD!