Since the Trustees closed the live-in rehabilitation center in 2014 there has been continuous ongoing inquiry as to the need for care –


the plan was approved to convert the entire rehabilitation program to the internet.

This is a full all inclusive one stop program that is holistic and ministers to the Spiritual, the physical, the healing and the social well being of all who would complete the course. It will comprise 4 series of 10 sessions each that will minster to body soul and spirit. Those who have a desire to forgo the habit or addiction can, preferably with the company and help of a friend, who is sober and clean, as support.

We are almost halfway through the compilation, filming, editing and “packing”of the program on the internet. Shekinah-on-line will within months be a reality for all those who cannot afford the costs of going into rehabilitation, or do not have the time to take off to endeavor to beat their addiction.

More updates as the whole process unfolds ………



Peter Russell-Boulton ( Chairman of the Trustees), giving solid teaching





About the Author: Mike Harty