As the preacher wrote in the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1 “For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven” so it is with Shekinah Foundation Trust.
Thus Shekinah Care Centre, a live-in substance abuse rehabilitation centre came into being.
In the 70’s Roly Snell, had a vision for helping those ravaged with substance dependency. God brought into reality this vision with the purchase of an old German farmstead on just over 3 hectares of ground in the settlement of New Hanover, some 35 kilometres out of Pietermaritzburg: thus, Shekinah Care Centre, a live-in substance abuse rehabilitation centre came into being. Many folks can testify to life changing experiences during their time in the Centre, as they encountered a merciful and loving Father, and found salvation through Christ, and started living Holy Spirit empowered lifestyles.
However the “enlarged family” concept with a maximum of 16 people for treatment at any one time became more and more costly and is no longer financially viable or sustainable. The subsidised costs, to try to allow as many as possible into the Centre for treatment, with no financial support from the State, and donations dwindling, together with the difficulty of finding qualified dedicated staff who are called to serve for a meagre personal allowance, is not a financial reality.
This coupled with extreme demands made by both Department of Health as well as Social Development, who give no latitude for any programme or treatment that does not conform to their ever changing standards, prompted the Administrative Board to close the Centre as a live in rehabilitation facility in 2013.
The time of operation was fruitful, God’s glory was revealed and continues to shine in many individual’s lives who passed through the Centre, but the season is over. The ministry will continue under the banner of Shekinah Foundation Trust, providing awareness and informative teaching concerning substance abuse and dependency, as well as support for the dependent, and those whose lives have been ravaged by the scourge of substance abuse.
Our season and time of commitment to in house Christian rehabilitation is over, but the work continues, as we see no abatement in the use of alcohol and other mind, body and spirit destroying substances.
The ministry is in the process of transferring the new Hanover property to “Benjamin Generation”. This christian based ministry is establishing a home base for orphan children.