Honouring Cindy Keartland

Cindy Keartland joined the ministry of Shekinah Care Centre in 1995, as the resident nursing sister. As a young unmarried woman, she was totally committed in service for her Lord and Master Jesus Christ. After an initial 3-year commitment contract expired, she stayed on, and on, and on.
Her love and commitment to the people who came to Shekinah for care and treatment, as well as to fellow staff members, was only overshadowed in her devotion to the Lord Jesus. Even when she contracted cancer and underwent operations and treatment she returned to duties as soon as she was able, sometimes in severe discomfort, but without grumble or complaint. The proverbial “extra mile” was always part and parcel of Cindy’s commitment in her service to the Lord.
During her 15 years at Shekinah, she was a willing servant in any situation that arose. So much so, that when need arose she became the Caterer, the Tuck-shop attendant, the Care-giver, the buyer of provisions – in fact filled virtually every role at Shekinah except for doing a stint as the Maintenance Officer.
In the latter years at Shekinah she very ably filled the role of Assistant Superintendent, all the while managing with her nursing responsibilities.
When she left Shekinah to be with family and those close to her, the Administrative Board had no hesitation to arrange a Certificate of Appreciation for service to the ministry, for Cindy. Unfortunately she succumbed to the Cancer and all of its side effects before the presentation could be done. Late in June 2010 Cindy was called to her eternal home, ever present with the Lord she so faithfully served.
In the first week of October 2010, a Memorial Tea was held for Cindy at Shekinah Care Centre. In an informal function the Director, Mike Harty presented the certificate to Cindy’s mother, Evelyn Keartland. Fond memories, both amusing and of Cindy’s devotion to service were shared. Indeed there was a certainty that the words of Christ used in the parable of the talents, “Well done, good and faithful servant” will still be echoing in the heavens from the labour of love given by Cindy Keartland. Only time will reveal the many lives that her care and commitment touched and influenced.