Mozambique Visit

In May 2009 four delegates made a trip from Shekinah Ministries to “HEALING WINGS” in Mozambique.
Healing Wings is a Christian based alcohol and drug rehabilitation programme operating near Bella Vista in rural Mozambique some 60 kms south of Maputo. Acacio Viera and his wife Ruth, who have a vibrant team of workers, minister to some 90 individuals who are at different stages of recovery, head this work, under the authority of Grace Fellowship in Johannesburg. This programme requires a commitment by the person seeking treatment of at least 6 months, but a minimum of a year is recommended. Many former substance abusers have been on the programme for up to 2 years, and a few have stayed on as volunteers initially, and then have become full time counselling staff.
Mike and Lorraine Harty (Chairman and Treasurer of Shekinah Care Ministries respectively), as well as Shaun and Gill Burrows (Shekinah Care Centre Maintenance Officer, and a care giver and counsellor at Shekinah Care Centre), were warmly received by the team at Healing Wings. It was a time of mutual learning for both ministries, and we believe relationship has been initiated that will be of mutual benefit in the future.
It was rewarding to experience similar teaching material being used, with

common scriptures as the foundation to lessons, as to that being used by us at Shekinah. The Lord’s Word is authoritative and when empowered by the Holy Spirit is able to bring about change in individuals lives, as they submit to Jesus as Saviour and Redeemer. The enthusiasm and commitment of the staff at Healing Wings was an encouragement to us.
This ministry has two camps. The main camp is near Bella Vista, and their “beach” camp is situated on a pristine stretch of coastline in the elephant reserve some sixty kms away. Needless to state that we needed our 4×4 vehicle to access this beach camp at Machangulu. Also to reach the South African border at Kosi Bay, which was a further 60 odd kms south, all along beach dune type terrain. In this soft sand we hardly ever moved out of first or second gear. Some two hours to traverse 60 odd kms. But the Lord was with us, and even after some anxious moments when the “tracks” we were driving along seemed to wander far from the main set, we eventually reached the border post, and tar road (on the South African side).
We are trusting to be able to build relationship and co-operation from this initial visit, that together we might glorify our Lord, and bring release and benefit to needy peoples seeking help from their enslavement to addictions.